Nepal and Pokhara

As one of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal has numerous development challenges, including low literacy, few exportable goods, no seaports, and a topography discouraging to commercial enterprise.  Civil unrest over the past decade has exacerbated this situation Maoist rebels and the royal government struggled for power.  The government allocated a significant portion of its resources to fight the Maoists, pulling needed funds away from education and social services.

In early 2008, Nepal held a countrywide election to establish a new constituent assembly and rewrite the constitution. We hope this election heralds better times for the country, which still faces considerable challenges in regard to economic development, education and social programs.

Pokhara, Nepal has been chosen as the location for Sam’s House.  With a little over 200,000 people, Pokhara is Nepal’s third largest city and regarded as a vacation town for Nepalese as well as travelers from India and Pakistan.

With clean, livable conditions and a temperate climate (average temperature 77 F), Pokhara is an ideal location for Sam’s House.  Pokhara is inhabited primarily by Gurungs, an ethnic group of Nepal which maintains a healthy respect for family and education.  Pokhara stands as the gateway to the western part of Nepal, the poorest region of the country, and home to the largest concentration of children needing assistance and homes.

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